track of the week ~ 'this is love' ~ lilla vargen

Name: Lilla Vargen
Genre: Piano-Pop
For Fans Of: Emeli Sandé, Regina Spektor
Location: Belfast

Young songstress Lilla Vargen is perhaps one of Belfast's most enigmatic artists on the scene today. Whilst in possession of a glacier vocal, an  irrepressibly warm tone and an undoubted gift on the piano, she has only recently released her first, and only, song to date. No warnings, no teasers and very little promo. Hype, you sense, will never be her thing.

Choosing to take things slowly, Vargen's soulful vocals echo pop starlets from Duffy, to Regina Spektor, captivating and honest. A quite brilliant slice of introspected pop, any reservations Vargen may have about playing live (she's yet to venture beyond the recording studio) is left behind on three minutes of soul searching, surrounded by the sort of piano usually reserved for album singles ~ not a debut release.

It brings to mind  Emeli Sandé putting her own spin on Coldplay's 'Christmas Lights' ~ inoffensive, pour your heart out pop music. Even if this single doesn't explore any new ground, it's a refreshing reminder of our potential to produce female artists.

Now shortlisted as one of Chordblossom's finalists for their Kickstart competition, this could prove an interesting year indeed for Lilla Vargen. A name worth remembering...

Taylor Johnson

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