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Encore NI is proud to announce the next line-up of our monthly gig night 'Modern Life Is Rubbish'. Headlined by the incredible Aaron Shanley, the night has grown beautifully since it's debut back in May and has led to some of our favorite ever local music moments.

Who can forget the dance hall created by headliners Echo Raptors? The tears streaming down faces after an emotional performance by His New Atlas? The headbanging electricity and improvised DJ set after Frank&Beans, or the mammoth  crowd brought along by The Sass for their set ~ Which included 'The Bar Fly' himself, the infamous subject of many of their songs!

Oh how we swayed to the spontaneous acoustic singalong by Runabay, long after the soundman had went home and tripped out to the psychedelic vibes of Surfhouse and Bloom. Even as recently as last month, Serotonin's Ben Bryson executed The Pavilions first ever stage dive, writing his name into Belfast folklore in the process?

Yes, Modern Life Is Rubbish has and continues to be, a wonderful night indeed. New friendships have been born and romance has even blossomed ~ but it couldn't happen without you*. From day one, our audiences have been nothing short of superb ~ we've not had one poorly attended or lackluster crowd and for that, we thank you. Here's a rundown of each act and why our next will be another memorable one...

Headliner: Aaron Shanley
Genre:Acoustic // Indie
Download: Sometimes People Just Fall Out Of Love, Amy, Here Without You, She's So Easy To Hold, Trouble
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Whether entrancing audiences with his soulful, acoustic honesty, or letting his wilder side out through his Startled Space Moth side-project, Aaron Shanley is one of Northern Ireland's finest acts. Regularly praised by many (this website included) for his touching style and stunning vocal, he is an artist that simply cannot be missed. Having recently returned from extensive gigging in London, expect an assured, emotional performance.

Band: Havana House Party
Genre: Indie
Download: Monsters, Conscience & The Martyr, Memo

Lauded as the future of indie for a few years now, Havana House Party are now starting to build on the hype created by their awesome 'Demons' EP. Thrilling, dance invoking indie is where they made their name, but tracks like 'Conscience & The Martyr' hint at a darker edge below the spotless surface.

Band: Salford Lads Club
Genre: Indie
Download: No releases (yet)

The mysterious Salford Lads Club took shape after the disintegration of previous acts. The brainchild of Tony Connolly, frontman of the awesome and much missed Surfhouse, expect a Stone Roses style burst of grooves and dancey rhythms.

Artist: Sonja Sleator
Genre: Acoustic
Download: San Francisco, That Night, Snow
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Personally requested by Aaron Shanley himself,  Sonja Sleator has established herself in Belfast through hard work and a never ending gigging schedule. With a debut EP already under her belt and a repertoire of songs not short of honest (sometimes painful) emotion, Sonja Sleator's own brand of upbeat pop is sure to kick proceedings off brilliantly.

If this isn't enough for you, don't forget our full indie//alternative//local soundtrack, all situated inside one of the city's best bars. We're not gonna lie, we are incredibly excited. We hope you are too.

Taylor Johnson

 *or Chris the soundman, one of the coolest humans on the planet. Thank you Chris!

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