track of the week ~ salad boyz ~ 'crocodile'

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For fans of: Weezer, Martha

Step for a moment into the world of SALAD BOYZ, four best friends making vegetable-flavoured rock and roll with their tongues placed firmly in cheek. Their latest EP is titled 'Silly Guys Having A Fun Time' and that's exactly what they sound like on 'CROCODILE' a track of such pure at heart charm, it could be easy to overlook the gentle sadness percolating through.

From day one, SALAD BOYZ have represented all that is good about making music for the love of it. In many ways, they are the human embodiment of a 'Wholesome Meme', never seen without their matching vegetable tee's, beaming smiles and banter-a-plenty. This is a band who don't care how they may be perceived, as long as the music's good, and on 'CROCODILE' they sound more developed than ever.

Frontman Tommy Haghighi paints a painful picture, longing for a past he's not sure even exists anymore as he laments; "I'm fine on my own, no one's fine on their own...". Guitarist Simon Gilbert's lead guitar sits beautifully above the noise, further compounding the major key melancholy SALAD BOYZ have made their trademark through songs like 'T-4-2' and the eagerly anticipated 'OVER',  that's been doing the rounds on various setlists for months now.

The intrigue surrounding SALAD BOYZ, their unique merch and links to the SALORD* aside, this is a band with a heart and soul. Just four friends making music, great music at that.

Taylor Johnson

*check out the band's Facebook page for more on that.

album review ~ our krypton son ~ 'fleas & diamonds'

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Our Krypton Son
For Fans Of: Andy Schauf, The Divine Comedy, Leonard Cohen

Derry singer-songwriter Chris McConaghy, Our Krypton Son's debut record sparked a tidal wave of acclaim too substantial to be ignored. Whilst Electric Mainline presenter Stephen McCauley claimed him to be "one of the best songwriters in the country",  cultural magazine/website The Thin Air went one further, calling the eponymous record "unparalleled in this country at present". Sophomoric effort 'Fleas and Diamonds' takes all the gentle genius of that first effort, whilst upping the dosage of love and loss just enough to break your heart even more than the first time around.

Haunting opener 'Winter Taunts Spring' eases to life a record that sits beautifully between Buckley and Cohen. Other highlights include the Divine Comedy inspired 'Alexandria' and the brilliantly titled 'Falling In Love Is A Suicide Mission'.  

Oddly, Our Krypton Son's delicate take on the Weezer classic 'Buddy Holly', which could so easily have gone wrong, lives almost as long in the memory as his originals; the touching re-arrangement sounding like a future wedding classic from the first listen.

On a record swimming in carefully constructed layers, Our Krypton Son has manages to maintain an endearing simplicity throughout 'Fleas & Diamonds'. The reference points feel warm, comforting even, as McConaghy's original voice is never buried by his influences, only enhanced by them, making for an all around gem of a record.

Taylor Johnson

spotlight/track review ~ 'flawed' (live from the bbc) ~ foreign owl

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Foreign Owl
For Fans Of: Royal Blood, Pixies, Axis Of

It's probably fair to say the tiny village of Burt, in County Donegal, isn't known for it's pioneering alt-rock. It may also be fair to say the tiny village of Burt, in County Donegal, isn't really known for anything at all; yet it is here we find 'Foreign Owl', a brand new three piece hoping to change that perception of their home village as quickly as possible.

Despite being a new outfit to the local scene, Foreign Owl were almost immediately picked up by BBC Radio Foyle, where Stephen McCauley was quick to praise their innovative song structures and originality.

Explosions of noise burst amidst the delicate melodies found in their verses, this contrast proving pivotal to the Foreign Owl sound. The featured track from their BBC electric session, 'Flawed'dances between heavy riffs and quiet contemplation, the musicianship at their core watertight as ever.

If they can maintain the ferocity of their live performances on future releases, Foreign Owl may give the people of Burt something to be proud of very soon indeed...

Taylor Johnson

To watch their live session with BBC Radio Foyle click here.
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