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For fans of: Sufjan Stevens, Sigur Ros, Radiohead
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Rachael Boyd is a genius.

Sometimes there is no other word for it. Having made her name playing alongside the likes of Joshua Burnside, Rews guitarist Shauna Tohill and more recently the runaway success story that is Ciaran Lavery, the young multi-instrumentalist boasts an impressive CV. With a sound as eclectic and difficult to pin down as her's, it's no surprise that the music has (so far) been better recieved in random pockets of appreciation all across the world than in Britain or Ireland. Take the incredible 'Back In Your Box', a lowkey release from early 2013 that has gathered over 26,000 hits despite virtually no plugging from the virtuoso violinist. There's comments in Italian, Chinese, Russian and even without Google translate, the '<3's give away that Boyd's compositions translate across the water.

 'Keep Your Head Up' follows a similarly rich formula, encompassing lush string arrangements with lofi hip-hop beats, creating another universal piano ballad.

Whilst it is unlikely we'll ever see kids blasting 'Keep Your Head' from their I-phone speakers at a bus stop, you may well  hear it paint the sonic background to a Cannes Film festival prize winning piece.

Taylor Johnson

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