track of the week ~ 'at a loss' ~ mylk

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M Y L K ~ 'At A Loss'
For fans of: Los Campesinos, Weezer

Flying straight into their recorded debut with a sing-along chorus and feedback-y guitars, M Y L K's intention of being your new favourite band is made clear from the very start. Brimming with frenetic energy, Belfast's newest indie-poppers debut single 'At A Loss' sounds like the charismatic love child of Courtney Barnett and Weezer, culminating in a track bursting with energetic-tragedy.

At it's heart, 'At A Loss' is a song about getting the beers in, followed by the existential dread of the next day come-down. It's partly an assessment of mans escapism down the bottle, it's partly a celebration of that same feeling. That seems to be M Y L K's thing, they'll make you think, but not enough to stop you dancing.

A highbred band taking their roots from established Belfast artists like Beauty Sleep, Bee Mick See and Empty Lungs, M Y L K are one of the most unlikely collaborations to hit Belfast since frontman Brendan Seamus' indie-rap side project 'Bloody Gold'; but  'At A Loss' is proof that this formula works wonders, with a sound dripping in harmony and enthusiasm.

Having been lucky enough to have caught M Y L K at their debut show in the Mandela Hall, there is thankfully no shortage of material either; the band recorded four songs in seven hours in Belfast recently. If they continue to be of this standard, there's every chance MY L K will push their own name alongside that of their parent bands very soon.

Taylor Johnson

ep review ~ 'the eyes, the heart, the sin' ~ born only yesterday

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Born Only Yesterday 
For fans of⁞► The Cure, U2, And So I Watch You From Afar

On first listen 'The Eyes, The Heart, The Sin' sounds like a massive leap forward for Born Only Yesterday; a band casting off the indie-rock shackles of their much loved original moniker 'The Bayonettes'. On second listen, this record only gets better. Floating melodies, 'Unforgettable Fire' era U2 guitars and a frontman in fine form, this may be the ever-moving Danny McClelland and co's best release to date.

'Wunderkid Prevails!' dances solemly like The Cure, entwined with US melodic heroes The National. The 'I've seen better days' refrain provides a rare sing-along moment on an EP created predominantly for impassioned swaying, and arm raising of the most triumphant kind. 'Golden Keys and How We Found Them' continues this cinematic feel, again sounding big, ambitious. 'Atoms' offers a brief nod to the band's past, with a slower tempo and vicious finish.

The key difference between the two bands may simply be in the delivery. In B.O.Y, the heartache is more refined. McClelland's stories are viewed through more experienced eyes, though no less painful, there is perhaps more understanding here. Musically, we hear everything turned right up. The drums are huge, the guitars float and sting in equal measure. The vocal delivery never falters. 'Better Left Unsaid' see's B.O.Y's post rock credentials come to the surface, building to a cacophony of sadness most reminiscent of their North Coast origins.

In contrast to the rest of the EP, 'Hawaiian Tribal' is the sound of a band in love with what they're doing. Jovial and fierce, it sounds like four best friends, in a room, not even aware they are being recorded. Effortless and free, 'The Eyes,The Heart, The Sin' is a heartbreaking joy from start to finish.

Taylor Johnson

'The Eyes, The Heart, The Sin' is released 21st September.

track review ~ 'wreck less nature / / between the lines' ~ life goals

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Photo by Ciara McMullan
Life Goals
For fans of⁞► The Menzingers, Vicky Speedboat, Modern Baseball

The debut release from Life Goals echoes a scene cultivated and perfected across the atlantic; alternative emo-punk with heart. 'Wreck Less Nature' opens strong, the biting guitar line complimented by a sincere vocal performance from frontman Decky McBride. It's a track tinged with self deprecation, with clever and honest lyrics that their US contemporaries would be proud of, and the emotive refrain, "I don't want to die / But I don't want to live like this anymore," is brought to life with storming gang vocals.

'Wreck Less Nature' is followed by its slightly sunnier sibling, 'Between The Lines'. Lyrically it serves as an anthem for the jaded and demotivated, but the track is anything but stagnant. The driving bassline stands out alongside gritty guitar, and the "where do we go from here?" hook is simply made to be repeated by a rowdy crowd.

Consisting of former and current members of Two Glass Eyes, Empty Lungs and Gascan Ruckus, the Belfast trio have managed to blend the influences of all three bands to create something altogether unique and exciting. For those who can't wait until their next release, catch them in action on 30th September at the Hangar, Dublin with The Winter Passing, Nibiru and Me And My Dog.

Lauren Johnson

track review ~ 'no easy way out'~ skymas

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For fans of⁞► The Prodigy, Not Squares

'No Easy Way Out' (the latest effort from electronic Belfast two piece Skymas), carries all the brooding menace of Dublin's high flying noise-makers Girl Band, combined with The Prodigy's fierce dance rhythms.

A bold track from the off, 'No Easy Way Out's hynotic guitar riff and unmistakable fuzz ensures that it's catchy hooks remain 'European Underground' and not 'Kelly's on a Wednesday night', as is always the danger with dance music in the twenty first century. There's also room for a time honoured call to arms with it's 'Don't give in!' refrain.

Comprised of Martin Corrigan and Nick Todd, the band are due to follow this up with another single in December.

Taylor Johnson

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