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Photo by Ciara McMullan
Life Goals
For fans of⁞► The Menzingers, Vicky Speedboat, Modern Baseball

The debut release from Life Goals echoes a scene cultivated and perfected across the atlantic; alternative emo-punk with heart. 'Wreck Less Nature' opens strong, the biting guitar line complimented by a sincere vocal performance from frontman Decky McBride. It's a track tinged with self deprecation, with clever and honest lyrics that their US contemporaries would be proud of, and the emotive refrain, "I don't want to die / But I don't want to live like this anymore," is brought to life with storming gang vocals.

'Wreck Less Nature' is followed by its slightly sunnier sibling, 'Between The Lines'. Lyrically it serves as an anthem for the jaded and demotivated, but the track is anything but stagnant. The driving bassline stands out alongside gritty guitar, and the "where do we go from here?" hook is simply made to be repeated by a rowdy crowd.

Consisting of former and current members of Two Glass Eyes, Empty Lungs and Gascan Ruckus, the Belfast trio have managed to blend the influences of all three bands to create something altogether unique and exciting. For those who can't wait until their next release, catch them in action on 30th September at the Hangar, Dublin with The Winter Passing, Nibiru and Me And My Dog.

Lauren Johnson

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