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Born Only Yesterday 
For fans of⁞► The Cure, U2, And So I Watch You From Afar

On first listen 'The Eyes, The Heart, The Sin' sounds like a massive leap forward for Born Only Yesterday; a band casting off the indie-rock shackles of their much loved original moniker 'The Bayonettes'. On second listen, this record only gets better. Floating melodies, 'Unforgettable Fire' era U2 guitars and a frontman in fine form, this may be the ever-moving Danny McClelland and co's best release to date.

'Wunderkid Prevails!' dances solemly like The Cure, entwined with US melodic heroes The National. The 'I've seen better days' refrain provides a rare sing-along moment on an EP created predominantly for impassioned swaying, and arm raising of the most triumphant kind. 'Golden Keys and How We Found Them' continues this cinematic feel, again sounding big, ambitious. 'Atoms' offers a brief nod to the band's past, with a slower tempo and vicious finish.

The key difference between the two bands may simply be in the delivery. In B.O.Y, the heartache is more refined. McClelland's stories are viewed through more experienced eyes, though no less painful, there is perhaps more understanding here. Musically, we hear everything turned right up. The drums are huge, the guitars float and sting in equal measure. The vocal delivery never falters. 'Better Left Unsaid' see's B.O.Y's post rock credentials come to the surface, building to a cacophony of sadness most reminiscent of their North Coast origins.

In contrast to the rest of the EP, 'Hawaiian Tribal' is the sound of a band in love with what they're doing. Jovial and fierce, it sounds like four best friends, in a room, not even aware they are being recorded. Effortless and free, 'The Eyes,The Heart, The Sin' is a heartbreaking joy from start to finish.

Taylor Johnson

'The Eyes, The Heart, The Sin' is released 21st September.

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