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M Y L K ~ 'At A Loss'
For fans of: Los Campesinos, Weezer

Flying straight into their recorded debut with a sing-along chorus and feedback-y guitars, M Y L K's intention of being your new favourite band is made clear from the very start. Brimming with frenetic energy, Belfast's newest indie-poppers debut single 'At A Loss' sounds like the charismatic love child of Courtney Barnett and Weezer, culminating in a track bursting with energetic-tragedy.

At it's heart, 'At A Loss' is a song about getting the beers in, followed by the existential dread of the next day come-down. It's partly an assessment of mans escapism down the bottle, it's partly a celebration of that same feeling. That seems to be M Y L K's thing, they'll make you think, but not enough to stop you dancing.

A highbred band taking their roots from established Belfast artists like Beauty Sleep, Bee Mick See and Empty Lungs, M Y L K are one of the most unlikely collaborations to hit Belfast since frontman Brendan Seamus' indie-rap side project 'Bloody Gold'; but  'At A Loss' is proof that this formula works wonders, with a sound dripping in harmony and enthusiasm.

Having been lucky enough to have caught M Y L K at their debut show in the Mandela Hall, there is thankfully no shortage of material either; the band recorded four songs in seven hours in Belfast recently. If they continue to be of this standard, there's every chance MY L K will push their own name alongside that of their parent bands very soon.

Taylor Johnson

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