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SALAD BOYZ ~ 'Dreams'
For fans of: Weezer, The Descendents

For those unfamiliar with Belfast punks SALAD BOYZ, let us offer a brief introduction. Formed in early 2015, these four best friends have forged a reputation as one of the most exhilarating live bands in the local scene today. Never seen without their matching home made t-shirts (depicting what can only be described as "bad ass vegetables") and known for tackling contemporary world issues within their lyrics (their song about the David Cameron fiasco of last year springs to mind...), SALAD BOYZ certainly do things their way and have been recognised because of it.

Though to paint this band with the novelty brush would be a huge injustice indeed. For every 18 second song about "getting kicked in the balls" (see fan favourite "Balls") there's a track like 'LoudCrowdWowed', a Weezer styled celebration of anonymity, or 'T-4-2' the Volume Control Records released love-song which sounds straight off an indie film soundtrack.

New release 'Dreams' has been a long time coming. Making it's debut around the same time as 'T-4-2', it's a full throttle indie-punk anthem about never quite falling out of love, no matter how much you try. Lyrically and musically, it's the most mature we've seen of SALAD BOYZ. Frontman Tommy Haghighi's on stage wit is matched by his lyrics here, all the while retaining a certain romantic tragedy we've not heard before from this band.

"I don't think that I'll ever see the light...but the darkness scares me"

When coupled with the aforementioned 'T-4-2', as is the case with their latest two track EP, we see these Boyz in a new light. The Descendents influenced, foot-to-the-floor punk hasn't been lost in their more emotional setting on this EP. It's more heartfelt than ever and rather crucially, we don't have any other bands doing it in Belfast right now.

Grab your ghetto-vegetable tee's while you can, forget about your worries and get down to a SALAD BOYZ show next chance you get. You might just feel something.

Taylor Johnson

The 'Dreams 4 Two' EP is released today ~ head over to

In their own words...

'It's definitely a break-up song, focusing on that feeling when you know it's over, you know you don't want it back, but you can't help still feeling sad, still missing that person. You're basically trying to get used to life without them, but they're still occasionally on your mind (or in your dreams) even if you wish they weren't. Frustrating, ey?

In regards to the 'Molly's Lips' cover at the end, we realised that the chords were almost the same and the lyrics were pretty suited to it, so we threw that in at the end with the original intention of just playing it live, but it stuck and there's no way of getting rid of it now!"

~  frontman Tommy Haghighi 
Salad-core in full flight

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