single review ~ in an instant ~ "all binds fall undone"

by 17:22

This weeks single review is an interesting one as, technically, it's not even a single. "All Binds Fall Undone" is the first recorded tune from Bangor based three piece In An Instant, A group so underground they hadn't even played a single gig or recorded any prior material when the track was released. This is what makes there air play on one of the countries most prominent music shows even more remarkable. 

As "All Binds Fall Undone" fades into life the ambient soundscape that greets you creates an immediate tone.  The perfect balance between ethereal guitar and synth riffs and haunting melodies which follows, give the song a genuine touch, with a vocal that you can't help but compare to a young Gary Lightbody dancing delicately over it all. The upbeat nature of the song gives it a dancy appeal,but the very nature of the lyrics ensure it stays very much in "alternative" territory.
80's style synths grow more prominent as the song progresses, layered between verses in a way perfected by the likes of Keane. It adds a dynamism that allows the song to continue to flow nicely.

With a heartfelt and yearning vocal delivery, the emotional depths of the song are made evident. Despite the echo induced nature occasionally making it difficult to understand every lyric. 

The chorus gives the tune its distinct triumphant feel, the synergy between passionate lyrics ("Hold me in your arms, I can see") and explosive melody producing a joyous celebratory feel, that you can't help but smile about.

"All Binds Fall Undone" would certainly not look out of place on a Snow Patrol setlist and with its bouncy, hedonistic back bone nor would it on the dancefloor of a bar in Belfast on a Saturday night. 

An extremely exciting start for a band who may be destined for great things. 

Review by Taylor Johnson. 

Listen to "All Binds Fall Undone" here ~

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If you like: Snow Patrol, Los Campesinos!, Keane ~ You'll love In An Instant
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