single review ~ kris d marsden ~ 'dear dad'

Acoustic singer-songwriter Kris D Marsden's latest release see's a snapshot into the mind of a man in some degree of emotional turmoil. Rich in the sort of soft, Donovan inspired production that would make it onto any indie-romance film's soundtrack, 'Dear Dad' is Marsden's ode to his late father and a touching tribute indeed. The subtle integration of piano lies delicately amongst the anguish laden vocal, though it's difficult to concentrate on much beyond the sentiments of a song so deeply rooted in it's authors conscious.

Making no attempt to hide the blindingly obvious struggles of a bereavement can be risky business (clich├ęs can be a dangerous game to play), but in this case each lyric carries an endearing quality, soft and relatable. There are no plastic emotions here. The only concern for Marsden will be capturing the songs quiet ethereal qualities live, as without it's careful arrangements it may fall away to a crowd. Having said this, 'Dear Dad' perhaps commands attention at it's most simplistic. "Sometimes in my mind I swear I can hear's been ten years too long, ten years to realise you're gone and I miss you"

Taylor Johnson
For fans of: Willamette Stone,  Neil Young, Elliot Smith
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