single review ~ treehome ~ 'keep our loving discreet'

No stranger to the gig circuit, Treehome frontman Ben Flavelle-Cobain looks more at home on stage than he does off it. Add to this confidence a watertight rhythm section and you have all the ingredients of a truly exciting act. The most interesting aspect of Treehome? Their age. Perhaps the term 'youthful verve' has never been so apt. Taylor Johnson took a listen...

Here, Flavelle-Cobain and his band of groove-loving cohorts have produced their finest work to date. A clear choice for single, 'Keep Our Loving Discreet' burns with a passion matched only by its catchy melody. The scrutiny this young band place on their jams speaks volumes for their work; maintaining a tight balance between exuberant riffs and punchy, hook-filled rhythms.

Sam Green's bass floats through the track's core almost hazily, acting as an almost innocuous conductor to the madness which surrounds him. Behind the drum kit, Michael Culbert produces a lesson of controlled punctuality. He remains in no danger of missing a single beat, yet pushes the boundaries enough to ensure you'll be air-drumming your way through consecutive listens.

If traces of Liverpudlian indie-makers The Coral's earlier psychedelia lie beneath Treehome's surface, it is seemingly not their main influence. That accolade must surely fall to legends The Red Hot Chili Peppers, whose soulful groove is plastered all over this polished four minutes of funk.

The band's lack of punkier aggression matters little, (that will never be their scene), as Flavelle-Cobain's smooth tones more than make up for it anyway. If there is to be one criticism, it comes in the songs falsetto'd breakdown. By no means is the additional female vocal a poor performance, on the contrary, it does its job well. However, when you hear Treehome's front-man fully going for it himself, the need for alteration almost seems unnecessary.

If this is the start of the road for Treehome, it looks a very promising road trip indeed.

Taylor Johnson

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