encore introducing//ep review ~ 'bunch of legend' ~ munez

Name: Munez
Genre: Low-fi Surf
For Fans Of: Peace, Pond, The Strokes
Location: Brighton

Our coverage of Brighton's music scene (which has been entirely accidental) continues with the next installment of Encore Introducing, where this week we focus on Munez, a band of harmonious chaos and melody drenched paranoia. Their latest release, 'Bunch Of Legend' see's the bands echo-surf credentials stretched to the limit, with elements of shoe-gaze and guitar driven indie in there too.

The beauty of 'Bunch Of Legend' is the fun running through it. 'I've Got Issues' floats with the nonchalance of  'Is This It' era-Strokes, but it doesn't end there. Dig deep enough and you'll hear all manner of indie hero's lurking in Munez's shadow. The gentle sway of Swim Deep seems to go hand in hand with Californian renegades Best Coast, particularly in opener 'Gulliable'. That's not to say they lack originality, far from it. For one thing Munez's tendency to break down their surf-pop songs gives them a heavier vibe, without ever straying too far. It's the hallmark of an experienced band, something they most definitely aren't.

Not that they give a damn. As the old mantra goes, 'the less you care, the cooler you are' ~ right kids? No? What do you know anyway! Typified by grungy closer 'Nah', (a short, pile-driver) Munez really couldn't care less if you like their band, and that's exactly why you like them. In fact, you'll love them. With a sound draped in hooks so big and piercing they could be used by the Japanese whaling industry, this is a band with potential.

Go buy//download//listen while you're stoned to 'Bunch Of Legend'. 

Taylor Johnson

Listen to the Ep below⁞►

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