encore introducing ~ 'visitors' ~ liverpool, england

Name: Visitors
Genre: Garage-Doom Rock
For Fans Of: Royal Blood, Joy Division, Mojo Fury
Location: Liverpool

Today's new found musical offering hails from Merseyside, a band who's self proclaimed 'garage-doom rock' has taken them from leather clad-also rans, to headline shows in the likes of the world famous Carvern Club. For those expecting mop-tops and three part harmonies however, Visitor's will leave you sorely disappointed; as this band take the punk tinged melodies of Radio One's beloved Slaves and deliver it with the fiery fervour of .Royal Blood.

Dig beneath the stony-faced surface of Visitors and there's more to what meets the eye. While there's no doubting this is a band with their feet rooted firmly in the 21st century, a theatrical swing permeating through their debut EP 'Truth' nods to legends of Liverpool past. For example, the falsetto cries of 'Yeah, yeah, yeah' on that EP's title track are positively McCartney. The fact that it lies between a Humbug era-Alex Turner guitar solo only heightens the appeal.

As if to remind the audience of their harder exterior, 'Stay Away' is a track of snarling, punk edged delivery, menacing bass and pulsating electricity. The ferocity with which vocalist Callum Mian generates in the songs chorus is truly outstanding; thus negotiating the tricky business of capturing what is surly a watertight component of their live set, bang on, in the recording studio. By their debut EP's closing track Visitors' have added yet another string to their bow, 'Radioactive' dropping like a remastered Joy Division b-side. Dealing in metaphors and intricacies, Visitors' fluid sound and raw energy set them apart from their heavy counterparts. They seem to have found a middle ground between dark-riffs and noise rock appeal. Provided they can exploit it, I see a very bright future for them indeed.

Taylor Johnson
Listen to their debut EP below⁞►

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