single review ~ 'late night radio' ~ moscow metro

Name: Moscow Metro
Genre: Alt-Rock
For Fans Of: Depeche Mode, New Order
Location: Limerick 

Now reformed as a three piece, Limerick's Moscow Metro have undergone quite the makeover. Former bassist Sean Corcoran's shift from stage left to centre proves inspired in this new, dance worthy single.

Metro fans of old need not fear however, as this transition to the groovier side of indie comes via New Order, rather than The Pet Shop Boys; though it's a progression none the less. For example, 'Late Night Radio's entrancing drum beats are significantly more feelgood  than their older material.  The sheen on the guitars now elevate their 80's 'maudlin-pop' sound to something altogether more fun.

Suddenly Moscow Metro are a band you want to dance to and 'Late Night Radio' makes no apologies for it. In a sense this shift see's them let go of the worldly pain which attached itself to 'Headlights' and 'Spirit Of A City', it's a chance to start again.

If there's one critique to be made of this newest single, it is perhaps at it's lack of a definitive ending. Whilst waiting for that post-rock breakdown which never comes, the song seems to fade prematurely, not a fault of the bands, more of the bands legacy ~ which may take some time to outrun.

In truth 'Late Night Radio' is more 'Head On The Door', than 'Disintegration'. By no means a bad thing, but it may need more time to gel.

Taylor Johnson

Listen to the track below⁞►

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