news ~ "meb jon sol is dead, long live son of the hound!"

Everybody calm down. Micheal McCullough, the acoustic nut-job we know and love, hasn't literally died; but his mysterious moniker certainly has. Making the announcement over Facebook and Twitter last week, the bluegrass inspired artist will from now on be known as 'Son Of The Hound', a name which clearly means a great deal to him. Encore NI caught up briefly with Micheal to find out the reasons behind the change...

"The name change was down to people not remembering or being able to pronounce the last one! I also wasn't overly fond of it and it was getting to the point I was sick repeating it so much so that I would avoid talking about it. Counter-productive to self-promotion y'know?"

With the practicalities of his new, sleek stage name in check and the hype around his next release growing, it's no surprise that his first gig back in action is a big one. He'll be supporting ex The Hold Steady keyboardist Franz Nicolay in The Bar With No Name on the 16th March, in what's nailed on to be a sell out gig. Nicolay, a multi-instrumentalist and key member of New York's art-punk scene in the early 2000's, will be promoting his new album 'To Us, The Beautiful', a swirling, energetic mass of a record. With Son Of The Hound on the bill, this could be a very special evening indeed.

Taylor Johnson

Check out Son Of The Hounds new Facebook page here.

& Hear Franz Nicolay's latest single below⁞►

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