single review ~ nothing (me & you) ~ rebekah wilson

Name: Rebekah Wilson
Genre: Alt-Pop
For Fans Of: The Cranberries, Avril Lavigne, Alanis Morissette
Location: Belfast

There are few musicians today, North or South of the border, that command the same level of respect as 17 year-old Rebekah Wilson. More still, the excitement surrounding her debut single rates higher than most local releases you can expect this year, as the hype of  several encouraging demos proved. Most impressive of all however, is when you strip away all the goodwill towards Wilson and the positive impact she's had on Belfast; what remains is simply a quality pop song.

Built upon that ever so-slightly distorted-guitar tone she's made her own, Wilson fuses her indie-rock genes with the pop melodies that clearly come with ease here. Recorded in the confines of the beautifully secluded Millbank Studios in Lisburn, the intimate nature of her songwriting was clearly never once stifled here, Each verse bounces along sweetly, creating a juxtaposition between the scorn poured over in the lyrics.

The chorus see's Wilson's steadfast harmonies never loose their cool; when she could so easily have started shouting. Though perhaps you'd be interested to hear her fire out A Plastic Rose styled aggression, she instead allows Mojo Fury's Mike Mormecha to do it for her, as his explosive drum beats give the track it's indie underbelly. Vocally Wilson's tone is warm and haunting. There's nothing plastic on display here, which keeps the rawness of 'Nothing...' in tact. When she could have hidden behind an auto-tune, she didn't. When she could have included a violin or five, she didn't. To have such a vision of you're own sound at such a young age... that may be the most impressive thing of all.

With elements of The Cranberries, Avril Lavigne and even Feet For Wings all battling for their place on 'Nothing (Me & You)', it must be remembered that Rebekah Wilson is still learning the trade.

What exactly she has yet to learn another question altogether.

Taylor Johnson

Listen to the track below⁞►

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