single review ~ 'garavogue' ~ a plastic rose

Band Name: A Plastic Rose
Genre: Alt-Rock
For fans of: N/A
Location: Belfast

I think it's safe to say that the fifth single to be taken from A Plastic Rose's massive new record 'Flickering Light Of An Inner War' came as a bit of surprise. A curve-ball in more ways than one, this soft centered single see's the band revive the gentler roots of years gone by, with 'Silence You', 'Scream If You Need It' and even the now classic 'Indian Sheets' all coming to mind. That said, to suggest 'Garavogue' is in any way a regression for the adopted Belfastian's would be to completely misinterpret not only a song of real warmth, but the band themselves. An emotional affair, 'Garavogue' guides the listener to simpler days of it's author's childhood spent in their native Sligo, the Garavogue itself being the river which runs through the town.

Musically it's a spell binding affair of Sigur Ros inspired guitar, overlapping the bands now trademark sound. The nostalgic nature of this single see's the interplay between Norman and McHugh at it's absolute best, the chemistry of their acoustic beginnings as evident (and powerful) as ever. Harmonies a plenty, any fearing a lack of spark are misguided; as this track really delivers the singalong chorus it's haunting opening promises.

Lyrically too, the genuine nature of this song is laid out for all to see.

'There's no heaven or hell, just the sand and the sea...'  

Need we say more?

In an album as varied and explosive as 'A Flickering Light...', Garavogue is proof that no matter how much this band may evolve, they will undoubtedly remain the band Belfast fell in love with all those years ago.

It may also prove the ultimate encore for that Mandela Hall not miss it.

Taylor Johnson 

Watch the official music video here⁞►

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