ep review ~ tanizaki ~ 'ouroboros'

Name: Tanizaki
Genre: 'Occult tinged-Electronica'
For Fans Of: Tycho, Merchant Ships
Location: Belfast

Entrancing electronica is the most accurate description we could find when describing beat maker Tanizaki. Based in Belfast, the mysterious producer's debut spins with a quiet foreboding, each track's whimzy eclipsed by the lingering feeling that something terrible is on the horizon; but much like the inevitable heat death of the entire universe, Encore NI finds 'Ouroboros' peculiarly comforting.

'A Spell For Fog' lingers in a lucid dream, building towards a climax that somehow questions it's own existence. It fades to the sonic equivalent of the calm before the storm, whilst Tanizaki remains in total control throughout. The menacing androgynous voice which runs throughout this Ep feels like the narrator of a twisted apocalyptic fairy-tale, it's warnings of a reality ravaged by humanity's greed ever present, even if it's not directly stated. 'Seed Pod Explodes' could well have been lifted straight from Noel Fielding's 'The Mighty Boosh', it's gentle electro-swing and whale song backing ever enthralling. Curiously, 'Wildflower's Beatles-tinged acoustic guitar suggests it should be anywhere but Ouroboros fantasy complexion, and yet it is an undoubted highlight.

Particularly for a debut release, Tanikazi has proved his technical understanding of this niche genre beyond doubt. What's more impressive, is the feeling he conveys throughout the record. This EP has a great ebb and flow, a beautiful harmony between light and dark. Here, we enjoy the latter slightly more ('A Spell For Fog' particularly), though the beautiful thing about 'Ouroboros' is that it is a journey to be had. You'll want to play this Ep, in order, many times through.

Exciting indeed.

Taylor Johnson

Listen to the debut EP below⁞►

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