track of the week ~ 'elephant park' ~ glen foye

Name: Glen Foye
Genre: 'Sad-Punk//Emo'
For Fans Of: A Plastic Rose, Million Dead
Location: Brighton

Don't let the name fool you, the amorphous mystery of Brighton's 'Glen Foye' is not a maudlin singer songwriter writing quirky acoustic songs about elephants. Far from it in fact. This South Coast power-trio are the antithesis of everything that's been coming out of England in recent years, sticking two fingers up to every industry professional along the way. Describing themselves as [sic] "sad punx", 'Elephant Park' trundles along with the youthful abandon of very early A Plastic Rose ~ the free flowing guitars and harmonious interplay between their heavier sections and melody (which for a punk band especially, they have a tremendous command of) fitting so much more into one song than expected.

Somehow Glen Foye manage to take you from damn angsty pain, to gentle acquiesce. It's a pile driver of a song, with a waltz like outro and beautiful guitars. Listening to 'Elephant Park' is the sonic equivalent to a trip to the therapist. Raw, emotive and strangely cathartic.

And not a synth in sight. Take that NME.

Taylor Johnson

Listen to the track below⁞►

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