single review ~ 'pilgrim' ~ son of the hound

Singer/songwriter Michael McCullagh is a rolling stone. Forever in motion, constantly evolving, his latest effort under the new name 'Son of the Hound' may be the release which see's his restless heart finally tamed, as 'Pilgrim's soft western-tinged folk seems to fit him perfectly.

Gently morphing evocative guitar sounds with classic melody, it's the sort of journeyman's tale McCullagh has crafted many times over the years in his different guises, but this one feels different. Indeed, with it's incredibly catchy whistling refrain and gently overlapping piano, it looks and feels like Son Of The Hound was meant to be. Is 'Pilgrim' an ode to the tireless work ethic of this nation's unsigned artists? If it's not, it could certainly be adopted as an anthem for the believers; "I'm a pilgrim, I walk this lonely road...and as long as my heart beats in my chest, I will go where it takes me, before I'm lay to rest."

Grown up folk-pop at it's absolute best, 'Pilgrim' could be straight out of Bruce Springsteen's classic "We Shall Overcome; The Seeger Sessions" record. A fine follow up to Southpaw NiƱos.

Taylor Johnson

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