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Name: Treehome
Genre: Funk/Soul/Pop
For Fans Of: Robocobra Quartet, Gil Scott-Heron, Rodriguez
Location: Belfast

Treehome is the sound of every cool party your parents/older brother/hip Uncle Sammy never invited you to back in the day. Three young dudes with a soulful grasp of what music should sound like, they fell into the mainstream of Belfast's music scene with their triumphant debut single 'Keep Our Loving Discreet' last year. Now, like a funky Arnold Schwarzenegger, they're back; and armed with a load more groovy tunes to boot.

Opener 'The Very Rude Man', oozes total confidence from the opening guitar strum. Capturing the sound of New York's 60's bohemian scene, Treehome take their time wrapping you up in a song so chilled, it could be one big jam session. There's even room for a break-down of sorts, all trickling lead guitar and a stunning brass section thrown in for good measure.

  'Follow The Lights' takes a similar approach, working off effortlessly brilliant bass lines and frontman Flavelle-Cobain's smooth tones. They stop and start in such perfect harmony, harking back to the great blues musicians of old. The ending refrain also cries out for some audience participation, another of Treehome's strengths. Finisher 'Forbidden Fruit' feels initially quite deep for this upbeat band, nowhere near mournful, but ever so gilted.

'I'm not listening, my head is in the clouds and I'm ready to come down'

They very quickly return to their happy place however, as bass and brass combine to guide this Ep home.

Treehomies of the world, unite and take over. We can't wait to see what this band come up with next!

Taylor Johnson

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