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Name: Colenso Parade
Genre: Indie-Pop
For Fans Of: The Late Twos, The Beach Boys
Location: Belfast/Omagh

Formed sometime around 2006-2007, the wonderfully named 'Colenso Parade' came to prominence at the crest of a wave which would eventually become Belfast's 'Little Solidarity' movement. Just as General Fiasco, And So I Watch You From Afar, Fighting With Wire and the like began their rapid ascents into the hearts and minds of the city, four lads with acoustic guitars and a love of all things harmonic captured exactly what it was that made that time so special...

Colenso's story originates from nothing more than four school mates hanging out on lazy afternoons and playing music long into the night. Growing up in Omagh, frontman Fergal Lindsay would later tell AU Magazine that, "we just didn't have anything better to do!", and a good thing to, as it is here the band would lay the foundations for what was to come further down the line. For now however, with the slight obstacle of the education system to consider, these first few years were spent writing, growing up and dreaming of what might be.

brothers in arms...and suits

 Fast forward a few years and things are changing for the band. The call of the city has proved too strong and soon Omagh's grasp is loosened, as University looms. It is here that the band's songwriting partnership really begins to bloom, as Fergal and lead guitarist Mickey McCullagh begin taking their craft more seriously. The future of the group is then sealed when the duo move into their new homes, complete with a connecting side street called, you guessed it, Colenso Parade.

Now with their new name and new attitude, the band's sound starts to evolve. The harmonies grow bolder, the influence of classic songwriters like the Everly Brothers and The Beach Boys now beginning to shine through. Songs like 'Don't Mind The Weather' with it's breezy melodies and shimmering guitar work, start flowing, as Colenso begin bombarding magazines and radio stations more and more. (Later, bands like The View and The Fratellies would build a hugely successful career off this 60's inspired blue-print)

Eventually that rigorous work ethic paid off, as AU Magazine (for years the top magazine for local music in the country) gave the band a great review of one of their demos. They kicked on, and like all great local bands soon gathered a loyal following, boosted by their new found notoriety across Belfast. Air play on Across The Line, The Late Show with Stuart Bailie and even Radio 1 followed, as Colenso Parade became one of the biggest bands in Northern Ireland.

Colenso Parade supporting A Plastic Rose in The Limelight
After over five years together, hundreds of shows and a huge amount of memories, Colenso Parade disbanded around 2011. What started with four lads crammed into a garden shed, had ended with a real legacy. Lead guitarist Mickey McCullagh remains a part of the Belfast music scene under the name 'Son Of The Hound'. He released his debut solo album 'Southpaw Ninos' last year. It was awesome.  Bassist Philly Taggart also continues to work in music, now giving young bands opportunities, rather than looking for them! He hosts his own show on BBC Radio 1. It is awesome. Bassist Paul 'Melly' Mellon and frontman Fergal Lindsay both remain similarly involved in the music scene.

A source told us; "All the Colenso boys are all still on good terms. I'd say it's unlikely we'll get another reunion anytime soon, but you never know..."

Taylor Johnson

Son of the Hound will release his new single 'Pilgrim' this Friday.

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