track of the week ~ 'my mind ain't pretty (at the minute)' ~ aaron shanley

Aaron Shanley is like the ocean. Constantly moving, changing, raging. From sullen-pop soliloquy's, to CSI:NY, there's little the Lisburn songwriter hasn't poured his heart over, and yet he always finds more.

"My Mind Ain't Pretty (At The Minute)" see's a rawer guitar sound than ever before for an Aaron Shanley solo track. Long-term fans will point to 'Startled Space Moth', (Shanley's full band, low-fi adventure) , as a reference point here, but what "My Mind Ain't Pretty..." really does is take his punk roots and breathe new life into them.

Part rallying call, part sonic soul-search, just how Aaron Shanley can so easily trip between genres is quite remarkable. The fact that he does it so well is pretty special.

What upcoming record 'Metal Alligator' holds remains a mystery, but if this first glimpse is anything to go by, Shanley's authentic touch and introspective prose is stronger than ever.

Taylor Johnson

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