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Acoustic songwriters of the world, unite and take over!

Belfast is a city which respects it's acoustic songwriters. We don't demand to see a license in order to play your music in the streets, nor will we confine our buskers to dirt ridden doorways, hidden from view. We're a nation which can appreciate a good tune and as such our open mic scene is still thriving. Though have you ever felt frustrated whilst listening to some young troubadour, pouring their heart out to the sounds of other people talking over them? Been left aggrieved by some guy with a beard's note perfect rendition of Bob Dylan, interrupted by a noisy bar? 

Worry no longer, as Gerry Norman (A Plastic Rose/Tour Alaska) has created the most perfect of environments for the humble open mic within Belfast's Oh Yeah Centre, to combat these problems.

Every Wednesday from 6:30-9pm. Relax in the comfort of Oh Yeahs Cafe Bar which is transformed to a beautiful candle-lit setting for both performer and audience to enjoy, surrounded by iconic memorabilia of Northern Irelands most famous exports. Fantastic beer and wine offers make this night the perfect mid week wind down. To guarantee a spot simply email or even just turn up and play. It's free in and every act receives a complimentary drink for performing. House guitar and piano provided.

So far Differnet Vibes has hosted the likes of Son of the Hound, Patrick Gardiner, Travis is a Tourist and Owen McGarry ~ head over to the Different Vibes official Facebook page here, for more details.

Taylor Johnson

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