ep review ~ 'friday night fever' ~ the couth

The Couth launch their new EP on Friday 9th October, in The Hudson Bar, Belfast

Name: The Couth 
Genre: Indie-Rock
For Fans Of: The Strokes, The Libertines, The Ramones
Location: Lisburn

If Lisburn's The Couth cemented their place amongst Belfast's finest with their debut EP 'Casual Sex  At The Omniplex', last years punk-angled single 'Bloodbreaker' kept them there; but what for new release 'Friday Night Fever'? Could they yet again scale the heights of songs like 'Cycles', 'Down By The River' and 'If You Go'?

The answer comes within the first track, '45 Seconds', the piledriving introduction to a record swimming in melody, attitude and riffs galore. There's plenty to singalong to here, as The Couth's punk anthems continually sway between mosh-pit renegades and sleek indie-dance. As the distortion fades from '45 Seconds' and the last crashing chorus rings out, there's a feeling of real satisfaction here. This is a band sounding united, re-invigorated even. So far, so good.Then comes 'Pretty Lady', simply the bands best work to date.

A swirling mass of energy, 'Pretty Lady' treads the delicate tightrope between guitar slinging-indie rock (a la Libertines) that they do so well, and a 60's Beach Boys swing. Opening with a riff that could have been pinched straight off The Strokes 'Is This It', the track draws you in with one of the bands finest lyrics to date, ("cut my throat but don't take my necklace...") whilst that infectious melody does the rest. Then comes the chorus, an indie waltz both completely unexpected and totally brilliant. After such a strong start you're left just waiting for this songs shortcomings, but as brothers David and Matthew McCrum share vocal duties into 'Pretty Lady's rousing outro, it just doesn't let you down.

Final track 'Wild Notion' is a Black Key's styled bluesy-rock number, covered in guitars and a funky bass line to boot. Once again, The Couth continue to hit the mark on this record with another blinding chorus, and suddenly you understand why this was chosen to close proceedings. Descending into an inspired breakdown (their heaviest since 'Bloodbreaker'), it's the explosive ending this EP deserved.

Welcome back lads, more of the same please!

Taylor Johnson

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