track of the week ~ 'ghoul' ~ dillon templeton

Name: Dillon Templeton
Genre: Indie-Acoustic
For Fans Of: The 1975, Modern Baseball
Location: The North Coast

When he's not ripping up stages across the country with his melodic guitar playing in Little Arcadia, North Coast native Dillon Templeton is plying his trade with a collection of emotional, ambient acoustic anthems. Each baring the trademark of their author's emotional style, 'Ghoul' (a song still in demo form, we might add!) stands out for it's sparse arrangements and gently overlapping lead guitar. There's no string section here, no unnecessary production. Just Templeton, his guitars and the flowing piano which gives this track such a heartrending edge.

A truly gifted lyricist, part of what gives Templeton and indeed his band such a connection to their audience is the truth they pour into their songs.

"And I'm afraid I'll become a Father 
with nothing to offer

and I think about my mother
and not because I love her..I saw a ghost last night and it was wearing your coat"

Taylor Johnson

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