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When Belfast's abandcalledboy first burst on to the Belfast music scene, it was their raw power and stage presence which seemed to capture the hearts and minds of the city. What their last three releases have proved without a shadow of a doubt, is that this band had so much more to offer. Latest single 'L.A Dick' was a masterclass in pop-infused garage fuzz, with singer Ryan Burrowes settling into the role of frontman with real ease; no easy task after years behind the drum kit. The brilliantly named 'www.com PC World' (they're quite good with names) takes this alternative formula a step further, resulting in this newly christened four piece's best record to date.

Opener 'Pure Nostalgia' is a roaring pop-song, smothered in abandcalledboy's trademark grunge, an element they've rather appropriately kept with them from their past. There's pieces of Nirvana, Girl Band and the muffled vocals of Deerhunter's Bradford Cox all thrown in there, with things moving at a gentler, though no less noisy, pace.

The sonic boundaries of a bandcalledboy's young, three piece beginnings must now seem like a lifetime ago, as they move into tracks like 'Renaissance Man' almost without trying. We hear spoken word, reminiscent of bands like 'Meanwhile, Back In Communist Russia', fresh guitar tones and boundless energy entwined with great melody. The songs here have a bigger sound, bolder than ever before. Grand finale 'Choke' is the best of the lot.

Coming in at an explosive four minutes, there's very little points of reference here; a credit to a band who have really found their sound. In alternative music terms for 2015, 'Choke' is right up their with R51's 'Pillow Talk'. It's the loud, abrasive pop-hooks we've came to love from abandcalledboy, but with a greater feeling, a deeper warmth. 'Choke' sounds like a band really enjoying themselves.

You suspect they must be. We can't wait to hear more.

Taylor Johnson

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