track of the week ~ 'inside out' ~ cloane

As the frontman of Serotonin, Charlie Loane's distinctive vocals came to help represent the punk resurgence of Belfast's music scene over the past three or so years. Bands like Sister Ghost, SALAD BOYZ and The Sea, Close By would all emerge in their wake, helping to shape a now thriving indie-punk scene in the capital.

Though hinted at through Loane's brief run of solo gigs under the name 'Sticky Shadows' before his move to London last month, Serotonin's farewell show for most came to represent the last time we'd hear those powerful vocals for a while. Fortunately the surprise release of three stripped back demo's on a new Soundcloud page has proved that not only is he still very much writing music, but also that the punk-tinged tone of Sertonin's hey-day has a soulful alternative; particularly in our track of the week, 'Inside Out'.

Channeling classic blues with 70's beat-poetry cool, 'Inside Out' is an instantly lovable piece of heartfelt soul. Charlie Loane sounds better than ever, allowing his huge vocal range the space it needs to riff off the chilled guitar beneath it. It feels familiar from the opening line few lines, and with lyrics like 'I would not be who I am, without those nights' the nostalgic possibilities of this song just get better after every listen.

 An unexpected move in the Charlie Loane story, but with results as good as this may the plot twists continue!

Taylor Johnson

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