track of the week ~ 'seance of light' ~ jape

Name: Jape
Genre: Dance~Symmetry//Gothic Pop 
For Fans Of: New Order, Los Campesinos!
Location: Malmö, Sweden

Irish native Richie Egan is living proof that the old mantra about talent and humility is as valid as ever. A songwriter of serious critical (and to an extent commercial) appraisal, Jape's veteran frontman is seldom far from the  term legend, not that you'd know it. 

Relocating to the peace and tranquility of Sweden back in 2012, one of Dublin's finest purveyors of electronica has found their feet and the results are quite striking. Whilst new album 'This Chemical Sea' (released back in January) lacks some of it's predecessors acoustic tinged groove, it replaces this with an abundance of 80's fused synth's and dark rhythms. Ironically, opening track 'Seance Of Light' see's more glimpses of Jape's successful past than the rest of the record, though it's only a passing glance. 'This Chemical Sea' is the classy art-house soundtrack you feel they have always been capable of writing and fully at home in the 21st century.

Chilled to perfection, 'Seance...' continues to pave the way for Northern Ireland's homegrown acts. No doubt the likes of Go Wolf, Hurdles and even the enigmatic Affleck will be taking note. As we move further into the return of clever, electronic-pop, Jape's eccentricities may be embraced by a whole new audience.

We certainly hope so.

Taylor Johnson

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