track of the week ~ 'nothing i do will ever be good enough' ~ tandem felix

Name: Tandem Felix
Genre: Alt-Rock
For Fans Of: Kurt Vile, The National, The Shins
Location: Dublin

Disregard everything you've learned about Dublin's Tandem Felix so far. Chances are, that's not much, but even those aware of the Irish raconteurs will be excited by the melodic flow of their newest Ep 'Coma'. The hazy shoe-gaze flooding out of their debut Ep back in 2009 has gladly remained, but on 'Nothing I Do...' Felix have progressed from the 'so laid back they're practically horizontal' approach, to something altogether more interesting.

Shades of 'The War On Drugs' and old guard 'The Thrills' combine here, on a track made for campfires at sun-down and walks on the pier. There's a psych vibe to, as gentle synths glide beneath frontman David A Tapley's dreamy vocals.

On the band's official Facebook page, they claim they're 'The greatest guitar band since Coldplay' and yes, while we realise this is probably ironic, there's no denying Tandem Felix's chilled demeanor would fit seamlessly into the early 2000's ~ which is no bad thing, by the way.

'Nothing I Do Will Ever Be Good Enough' quite literally encapsulates that triumphant feeling of accepting the inevitable ~ in this case, you guessed it, meeting that girl//boy//mean old boss dude's impossible expectations. It's that moment of freedom; it's not you, it's them and there's something about this tracks gentleness making it real.

With Tandem Felix's rise running parallel to Armagh's Silences, the future of atmospheric rock feels safe. Long may it continue.

Taylor Johnson 

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