track of the week ~ 'dr. johnson' ~ riker's beard

Name: Riker's Beard
Genre: Melodic Pop//Rock
For Fans Of: The Strypes, The Libertines, The Fratellis
Location: Belfast

Not heard of Riker's Beard? Don't even know who or what Riker is*, or why there's a beard involved? Fear not, as the latest teenage guitar slinging-sensations have not quite passed you by, at least not yet. Though be warned, if  this demo is anything to go by they certainly will be.

'Riker's Beard' are a melodic young four piece, aged between 13 and 16, making catchy guitar-driven rock and roll. Remind you of anyone? Yes, The Strypes may well share many of Riker's early characteristics, but where the Cavan collective fall down, "Dr Johnson", (the bands debut single) surly stands tall.

Bouncing along a Fratelli's styled riff (think the frantic-swing of 'Creepin Up The Backstairs'), here Riker's Beard display a remarkable confidence from the outset. Fueled by relentless, youthful glee, honesty comes spilling from every pour here; as the band's love for simply getting into the recording studio is all too obvious. More impressive still, this is a track which (instrumentally at least), was recorded completely live. To be that tight, at what is essentially the embryonic stage of their existence, is quite a feat.

A nonchalant stop-start cavalry into every chorus keeps things interesting, while the harmonica which comes steaming in is trademark Doherty. Whilst Riker's Beard clearly take inspiration from the past, don't go thinking they've no original ideas. This is a band that's only going to get better.

Taylor Johnson

*'William Riker' was//may well still be, a character from space show 'Star Trek'. 
He has a beard. That's all we got. 

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