single review ~ 'moon turns blue' ~ runabay

Name: Runabay
Genre: Folk
For Fans Of: Travis, Kodaline, Fleet Foxes
Location: Belfast

Few bands live up to the vibes of their own sound quite like Runabay. Making a truly harmonious blend of acoustic folk, this band sound like they live in some sort of wooded glen and to be honest, we wouldn't seriously doubt that being the case...

Runabay's  own brand of pop-tinged folk has proved a winning formula thus far, and on 'Moon Turns Blue' they rightfully find no need to change that combination. Hand made for sepia toned trips down memory lane, this songs delightful bursts of cello and brush stroke-snare playing drifts hazily around frontman John McManus vocals; which it must be said, are sounding particularly soothing in this track. At times Runabay seem so mellow, so happy to simply be making music, that you can forget that they're actually quite brilliant. Perhaps it's this appreciative attitude which allows their compositions to flow so easily, as 'Moon Turns Blue' surly does.

With this latest effort, Runabay have strengthened their position as songwriters of timeless melodies. Upon the first listen, I see a country pub, united in song and several pints of Guinness over the drink driving limit. I could go on, about the Red Setter asleep by the fire and the first signs of snow fall on frost tinted windows ~ but I won't!

For a song about a blue moon, there's not a Manchester City scarf or adidas tracksuit in sight. There's no surprises on offer here by any means, but certainly no disappointment. More of the same please lads.

Taylor Johnson

Check out the new single below⁞►

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