single review ~ 'heartbeats' ~ dani

Dani's new EP 'A Whisker Away' coming soon...
Name: DANI
Genre: Folk
For Fans Of: Laura Marling, The Staves
Location: Armagh//Stirling

A swirling mass of harmonic guitar, this latest release from Armagh songstress Dani has quality glowing from every verse. Sounding every bit like it's November release date, the underlying delicacy of 'Heartbeats' is uncharted territory for the singer-songwriter, her usual guise of fair maiden's in castle's pushed into the distance here.

Throughout 'Heartbeats',  Dani remains composed, never allowing something as ridiculous as emotion to ruin a good vocal take. That's not to say this is a track in need of an emotional backbone. Far from it in fact, as each verse drifts hazily in and out of focus. There's even room for a rising chorus ~ complete with some well layered backing vocals, violins and that ever present warmth she radiates effortlessly.

Don't allow the this tracks subtly to distract you from it's depth. Dani doesn't deal in 'Reality Show' tears and she's all the better for it.

Taylor Johnson

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