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There's something happening on the tranquil shores of Brighton, England. Take some low-fi psychedelia ~ a-la Mac DeMarco ~ add a little teenage rebellion (not necessarily against the system, be chill man) and top it off with some DIY attitude. Now what do you have? The answer, 'Chat Bad Records' a brand new record label by the people, for the people ~ literally.

Started by a group of local musicians, Chat Bad is a two finger salute to the plastic people of the record industry, opting to record and promote artists, organise gigs, 'hype things up' and even film music videos. It's a rare example of the local scene giving something back to itself and already bands have started to benefit.

Pioneered by the likes of garage-surf band 'Munez', who we've already featured, Brighton's feelings of free love is currently leading the likes of London for promising talent.

Also on the books at Chat Bad are new-wave groove (dream?) makers 'Electric-Koolade'. 'Born out of a desperation for something real', the band's chilled nature and technicolor aesthetics perfectly capture the movement in the town. Already making some very cool noise, Electric-Koolade could lead the line for British bands going into the future ~ and it's the support from labels like Chat Bad which make that possible.

Electric-Koolade ~ living in a day dream

In their own words, Chat Bad Records are "just a bunch of chill dudes, trying to help out the little guy." 

It's new, it's exciting and it's happening right now. Quick, somebody tell the NME!

Taylor Johnson

Check out Chat Bad Records here⁞► Facebook & Electric-Koolade below...

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