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Entrepreneurial singer-songwriter Daveit Ferris is better known today as the mastermind behind Chordblossom, one of the countries most successful local music websites. Ferris has worked tirelessly over the years to break new bands within Northern Ireland, whether through promotion, gig opportunities or the recording process. For a new generation of local music fans however, it may surprise them to learn that this unassuming music aficionado was once the front man of one of our best bands. This wasn't a band who showed glimpses of potential, Mascara Story was a band that fulfilled theirs and then some. More surprising still, Ferris is not now ready to rest on his laurels, reflecting on all the good he's done for the country. Instead he's embarked on his most audacious project yet, '365 Sparks' which see's him stick to a rigorous songwriting process that will allow him to release a new song every day of 2015. Ridiculous? Perhaps. Possible? With Daveit Ferris at the helm, you have to believe so. Having released several beautifully arranged EP's of various nature since  Mascara Story's breakup, the songs from 365 Sparks are inevitably destined to be steeped in various genres. Luckily, Ferris has proved time and time again that he is comfortable in many different formats. While debuting some of the material from his new project, Encore was immediately drawn to one particular teaser. Taylor Johnson gives his verdict...

 What can be gathered from 1 minute, 30 seconds of a song? Somewhere between 'All I Wanted's melodic Green Day inspired electric guitar tones, to it's writers trademark pitch perfect vocals, quite a lot indeed. One aspect of Ferris's songwriting that has always been evident is the passion that lies beneath every tracks surface. This is why so many put their faith in Mascara Story's maudlin tales, they pulled no punches, anger and regret radiating from every line like a teenage fist to a wall. There was no comfort to be taken here, the comfort came from within the moshpit, or through a pair of headphones as you stared out a bus window and remembered how much you loved (still love) that bitch of an ex-girlfriend that shattered your heart...but we digress.

As Ferris has got older, his influences don't seem to have evolved massively, though the sound has undoubtedly developed. The crunch from his amp has not been discarded, nor the pristine clarity of his vocals, even if the Beach Boys falsetto has been given a greater degree of freedom (no bad thing, provided they're not overdone). The chorus will also provide a nostalgic shiver for Mascara's old fans. It's been a while since we've heard his voice cascade through a breakdown like this. Once again, lyrically Ferris hits a raw nerve you didn't even realise was showing. "Since we met I can not sleep...all I wanted, was one moment, just to pretend we're alive". 

If anything, you want to hear him get darker, broodier and perhaps even more aggressive. Though it has to be remembered, this is just a drop in the ocean of 365 brand new tunes. If they're all of this quality (a very tall order) Daveit Ferris may be on to his biggest project to date.

Taylor Johnson

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