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Gig news! Our good friends over at RedBeard Promotions have produced another fine indie-driven line-up for their next show. You can read our preview on each act below, to ensure you don't miss out on the chance to see your new favorite band for the first time...

The Bayonettes

Scathing alt-rock and dirty riffs have given The Bayonettes a fine platform with which to build their fan base. The Coleraine collective, who have played everywhere from  Barnfest to Tweedfest, have wasted no time since their formation little over a year ago, the release of single 'Kimono Hussies' adding gravitas to the hype.

Expect: Air guitar battles. Plenty of them.

Gone All Year

Currently recording their debut album, hard hitting pop-punk act Gone All Year are another group revered for their enthusiasm on stage. Comparisons to their genres big hitters of Blink 182 and Fall Out Boy could so easily be a curse, but in a band as naturally engaging as the Belfast five piece it only stands them in good stead.

Expect: Grown men screaming for "Sugar we're going down!" and un-ironed Paramore t-shirts.

The Couth

Lisburn's finest garage-punk band take the swinging beach boy melodies of the 60's and infuse it with the two fingers-relentlessness of The Clash. Another act beloved for their live shows, The Couth's energy, style and watertight tunes will have the crowd jumping in no time.

Expect: A sea of raised fists as their wavy debut 'Cycles' fades into new single 'BloodBreaker'.

The Titanics

Now boasting Aqua Tramp's multi-instrumentalist bass player Scott Joseph Anderson in their line-up, the local lads thankfully have a rocky sound to match their mammoth name. Having blitzed their way through to the final of The Pavilion's 'Battle of the Bands' competition this year, the weight of expectation is expected to get a lot heavier in the coming months...

Expect: Their very attractive entourage to be out in full force (complete with band t-shirts).

Havana House Party

Having been heralded as 'the next big thing' for over four years now, Antrim's Havana House Party are simply one of this countries best bands. Their EP 'Demons' still ranks as one of the strongest debut's in local memory and with a back catalogue as varied as theirs, it's difficult to see their new rise being halted by anyone other than themselves. If they can continue with this new found momentum, we may have another Two Door styled export on our hands.

Expect: A mass of dancing to the likes of 'Demons' and singalongs to their punchier lyrics. ("lying is a trait that you seem to enjoy" etc)

Taylor Johnson

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