single review ~ silences ~ 'sister snow'

'Sister Snow' is the title track from the forthcoming EP from alt-indie five piece Silences. From the humble beginnings of the solo project of frontman Conchúr White, Silences have grown to become one of the most captivating and authentic indie bands Northern Ireland has to offer. Throughout 2014 Silences have graced stages from Nashville to Dublin, and if 'Sister Snow' is anything to go by, the Armagh outfit show no signs of slowing down.

From the fragile finger picking intro, an eerie soundscape is crafted, drawing the listener in from the first beat. The ethereal vocal further develops the spectral sound, submerging the listener into a hazy dream-like atmosphere. Condensed into just over two minutes forty seconds, the track is a masterclass in leaving the listener craving more. 'Sister Snow' is veiled in mystery, as we're left wanting to know more about the illusive 'Sophia' mentioned in the chorus. The gauzy, immersive sound fits in perfectly with the twisted fairytale landscape of the video.

'Sister Snow' is a track that masterfully maintains many balances. The vocal is delicate without being weak, the instrumentation simplistic without being dull, the lyrics sincere without being contrived. The brief intervals of distorted electric guitar separate Silences from the stereotypical indie-acoustic fare, and the meandering melody will have you wanting to hit the repeat button more times than you can count.

For fans of: Villagers, Keaton Henson, Amber Run

Lauren Johnson

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