single review ~ gaze is ghost ~ 'revolvere'

Wrapped in a winter haze, Londonderry//Derry born songstress 'Gaze Is Ghost' (Laura McGarrigle) has quietly went about building her haunting empire from nothing. Releasing her debut EP in January of last year, her rise has been as subtly infatuating as the music itself. The release of new single 'Revolvere' does little to quell this climb, further proof, if proof was indeed still needed, that Gaze Is Ghost is one of our finest female songwriters.

Easing into life, 'Revolvere's slow moving undertones are what gives it it's edge. Fantastic production aside (bravo once again Mr Rocky O'Reilly), McGarrigle's songwriting has developed in simple, but effective fashion. Delicate Lisa Hannigan styled vocals float over the type of tender melody too often ruined by impatient build ups. Here, Gaze Is Ghost is in no rush to bring this track to it's dark climax, instead allowing it to simply breath ~ not gasp for air.

In many ways, the maudlin sentiments which run through 'Revolvere' are what Snow Patrol may have aimed for on the darker end of the Hundred Million Suns' (The Lightning Strike) or even Fallen Empires (Broken Bottles Form A Star) spectrum; had they of been in a more reflective mood.

Dark, brooding and utterly engaging. Gaze Is Ghost has unwittingly written the perfect accompaniment to any artistically acclaimed, Cannes Film Festival winner.

Taylor Johnson 

For fans of: Regina Spektor. Lisa Hannigan, Melody's Echo Chamber
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