modern life is rubbish 6 ~ what to expect...

As our next Modern Life Is Rubbish looms ever nearer (tomorrow night, 9pm), here Encore NI have very kindly produced a list of songs and otherwise interesting things to watch out for on the night. It promises to be memorable...

1. Headliners Serotonin unleashing future new single 'Peel'.

One of the last tracks worked on with old drummer Mark McDaid, 'Peel' captures the fury of Serotonin at their most explosive. Not to be missed.

2. Opener Ash Smith ripping a tasty acoustic solo.

Okay, perhaps not a full on Joe Satriani job, but Ash can play and play he shall.

3. Barman Pearse Mccrory challenging Ash Smith to a rap battle.

It's no secret that Belfast's favorite bar man can spit serious lyrics, but when he witnesses acoustic singer-songwriter Ash Smith doing the same, don't be surprised to see him too take to the stage.

4. BLOOM briefly convincing everyone present that world peace is a very achievable thing.

The Belfast four piece will be making their debut, an undoubtedly big occasion, and you can be certain they'll make the most of it. Peace & love are very high on the psychedelic bands agenda.

5. The inevitable 'Cold Coffee' mosh-pit.

In all my years of gigging around Belfast, rarely has an audience reacted just quite so erratically to a local song as 'Cold Coffee'. The breakthrough track from Serotonin's debut EP 'Gestures', the tracks uplifting punk guitar sound and front woman Lucy Loane's pitch perfect vocals will undoubtedly get all present on their feet and dancing (dangerously).

6. That one old guy who drinks brandy in the corner. 

No one knows who he is, where he's from, or if he even speaks English, but right on cue at 9:15, old no name danders in, pays his way and stays til the bitter end. He's been there from our very first gig night and is often more reliable than the acts themselves. We salute you and your brandy sir.

7. The ghost of after parties past.

Also since day one of our gigs, someone has always thrown some sort of an after party. We don't always get an invite (sometimes we don't find out about it until weeks later...), but it always happens and it's usually messy.

8. 'Strawberry Flift' ~ a symphony of shoegazing love.

Until now only house parties have experienced the true trance inducing power of BLOOM ~ But come tomorrow night, we'll have a room of psychedelic love zombies ready to make peace with you.

9. 'Thoroughly Modern' getting casually dropped in...

A simply genius piece of acoustic action from opener Ash Smith. Don't miss it.

10. Serotonin (and their fans) losing their shit.

It's fair to say our headliners are well known for not taking it easy on stage. Whether it's Lucy Loane commanding the front of the stage, or Ben Bryson jumping off amps, you can bet that Serotonin will make the most of their headline slot.

It's gonna be a big one, see you there!

Taylor Johnson

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