single review ~ the beau motives ~ 'let it all go'

As the class of 2013 begin edging towards the deeper ends of their musical careers, massive decisions inevitably have to be made. While some bands begin to fade under the increasing pressure of the 'one year mark', others make the bolder move to take their art much more seriously. Bed room jams become extensive recording sessions. Local gigs to friends and relatives evolve into tours and, in rarer circumstances, EP's and singles develop into debut albums. Ireland's The Beau Motives sit confidently on the latter side of this musical divide, their initial hype now firmly anchored by brand new single 'Let It All Go'. As they edge ever closer to that elusive first album Encore NI took a look at the single heralded by many as the start of something very special indeed...

Haunting vibes and ethereal vocals light the way for Southeners The Beau Motives, a trademark of their live performances thankfully captured in the opening riffs of their debut single 'Let It All Go'. Swirling echo's of underlying synths provide an impressive pedestal with which to build their verses, leading to a chorus of uplifting clarity.

Undoubtedly frontwoman Shaz Condon's piercing vocals remain at the forefront of The Beau Motives 80's inspired, sound here. As tensions rise throughout the tracks introduction (particularly through an ingeniously foreboding bass line), the menace at the heart of this track diminishes, but never completely vacates the sound; even in the aftermath of a chorus of (almost) Arcade Fire proportions.

The passion Condon manages to capture is reminiscent of a young Annie Lennox, strong and inspiring, The strength of her falsetto alone marks her band out as one of undoubted quality and possibility. Provided they can maintain the momentum of this single, an album will not be too big a burden for The Beau Motive to handle.

Taylor Johnson

For fans of: Glasvegas, Arcade Fire

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