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Track of the week.
The Late Twos ~ Sierra Leone
For fans of⁞► Babyshambles, The View, DMA's

Over the past three/four years, The Late Twos have carved out a reputation as Belfast's premier lad-band. Their catchy tales of all night partying, streetlight romances and adolescent debauchery has proved the soundtrack for many growing up in the city. Head to any house party and you're likely to find a Late Two's tune being belted out on someones dodgy speaker. They've even been name checked as influences by a number of local bands, all hoping to leave a similar mark. With this in mind, you'd think the five lads who make up "The Twos" would be pretty pleased with themselves. You'd be wrong.

'Sierra Leone' is the sound of a band entering the next stage of their musical journey. Whilst it would be easy to grind out the same ska-tinged indie that made their debut EP so lovable, the band have changed the game here. The clue is in the name really. For any fans expecting a song about a lads holiday to Western Africa (yes we googled it), you'll be left a tad gutted here. What we find instead is a thoughtful anthem about the treacherous living conditions of one of the most dangerous countries on the planet. The fact that they've managed to build it around one of their most memorable chorus' since debut 'The Late Twos', is a testament to their songwriting abilities. The guitar solo from the ever-reliable Ryan Bennett around the three minute mark, is beautiful. This tune sounds big, bigger perhaps than anything they've ever done before.

Careful not to loose the songs sentimental feel, we hear some light synth running through the chorus, a first for the band. We also hear a borderline emotional Matty Legge, if not quite ready to burst into tears just yet. A setlist regular for a while now, 'Sierra Leone' is already a fan favorite for the Late Twos faithful, whilst for those still on the fence about Belfast's adidas wearing, buckfast-loving, indie rogues, it could prove to be the only invitation necessary to join their house party. Four nights straight and they're still going strong...

Taylor Johnson

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