news ~ jealous of the birds to release debut album

Well, the cat is well and truly out of the bag now. One of Northern Ireland's best kept secrets looks just about ready for SOAK-styled admiration beyond these shores, and after the way teenage songwriting-wildflower Naomi Hamilton has handled her musical career since the release of lo-fi debut 'Capricorn' last year, you'd swear she's been craving it all her life. Except, she hasn't; and one listen through the sepia-toned wanderlust of debut single 'Goji Berry Sunset' confirms this.

Jealous of the Birds is not singing for anyone other than the girl in her bedroom, lost in her journal. Or the awkward new kid, desperate for that last period maths class to finish so they can get home. This is thoughtful music, inquisitive and bold. It's a nostalgic sound, with the details left blank. A colouring book that only you can fill in. "Your name, fizzes on my tongue...damn that name".

When you then get down to the actual music, Jealous of the Birds again leaves you warm and starry eyed. Gentle folk blends smoothly with that haunting whistling refrain. On Capricorn it sounded great, here, as the lead single from her debut album 'Parma Violets' it sounds better. There hasn't been a lot added or taken away from the original, but nor did it need it. 'Goji Berry Sunset' feels like a very personal letter from an old friend.

Parma Violets is out April 8th. What an extraordinary journey this young artist has ahead of her.

Taylor Johnson 

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