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The Autocratic
For fans of⁞► Muse, Arctic Monkeys, The Killers

The North Coast's reputation for producing riff-bashing three pieces is much like Barcelona's for producing world class midfielders. Pretty good. So the arrival of North Coast, riff-bashing, three piece The Autocratic should really come as no surprise.

A young band just starting to find their feet in the local music scene, already they have amassed a decent northern following; throwing themselves head first into those halcyon days of pub gigs and house parties. It's an initiation all the best have had to go through, and with a few headline shows already under their belts, the arrival of debut single 'Beluga' is a welcome one indeed.

Taking their lead from the likes of Axis Of and A Northern Light, 'Beluga's big chorus and punk-tinged verse's keep things upbeat; and whist the riff which draws you in evokes 'Favorite Worst Nightmare' era Arctic Monkeys, frontman Connall Ennis' distinctive vocal ensure the band's authentic sound remains just that.

As a debut release, 'Beluga' sounds bold and confident. The drumming is tight, the chorus is memorable, and the solo running into the outro hints at much bigger things to come. For a young band right at the start of their musical careers, all the signs point skyward for The Autocratic.

Just as Axis Of look to hang up their guitars for the foreseeable future, The Autocratic's arrival ensures the musical circle of life continues. The North Coast scene is alive and kicking.

Taylor Johnson

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