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Son of the Hound
For fans of⁞► The Pogues, Van Morrison, Bruce Springsteen

Michael McCullagh is a story-teller at heart. A troubadour in every sense, whether regaling us with tales of  doomed sea-captains or Native American wanderers, a closer look will reveal the dedication at the heart of Son Of The Hound's music; a dedication that his won him more than a few admirers in both Northern Ireland and beyond.

New single 'Galway Rain' is a happier departure from last single 'Pilgrim'. There's still that blue-grass celtic charm which has carried on from his Meb Jon Sol days, but there's a breezier edge to the guitarist's words here, a lighter touch. He sounds, dare we say it, happy? 

In a genre so often littered with pain and suffering, political rebellion, or even just a good old fashioned punch-up (cheers for all that Shane MacGowan), 'Galway Rain' treads the road less traveled, and sounds all the better for it. Lyrically it's more Van Morrison than anything else, and that's not just because of the chorus' mention of "Brown eyes shining in the Galway rain". McCullagh sounds at peace here, flowing through his folk-pop melodies with ease, as if he's running on pure instinct.

With each new release Son of the Hound continues to thrive. 'Galway Rain' is a song to dance to, singalong at the top of your voices and ultimately, to remember the good times.

We'll drink to that.

Taylor Johnson

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