track of the week ~ 'redesigned a million times ~ and so i watch you from afar

And So I Watch You From Afar have became one of Northern Ireland's greatest exports. A tidal wave of melodic guitars, over the years we've seen them hover over the borders of math-rock, to Explosions In The Sky level post rock and everywhere in between. We've seen them loose members, re-group and tear apart venues all over the planet. Now back with fourth album 'Heirs', this latest effort, 'Redesigned A Million Times' is possibly our favorite tune of theirs to date. A bold statement? Absolutely. Allow us to explain...

Bursting with melody, 'Redesigned A Million Times' balance of nostalgic synths, arms in the air vitality and that singalong verse//chorus refrain feels like a set clincher. From the very first listen, there's a "sun-down at a festival" feeling that remains impossible to shake. The North Coast four piece, whether consciously or not, seem to have channeled that youthful abandon that only their home town can match, into this four minute blitz.

Even finding room for a classic breakdown, And So I Watch You From Afar's harmonious qualities are often overshadowed, understandably, by their incredible musicianship. Yes, they are quite brilliant. and yes, they've honed their craft to a tee. Though don't let that cloud your enjoyment of what may be the band's best 'song' (not composition) to date.

Taylor Johnson

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