single review ~ 'the sea' ~ silences

Name: Silences
Genre: Alt-Indie
For Fans Of: The Thrills, Sigur Ros, Ciaran Lavery
Location: Armagh

Silences just seem to get better and better. The brain child of songwriter-come-front man Conchúr White, each release seems to to shine a little more light on his sepia-toned band. 

'The Sea'  is a delightfully ambient affair, very much in the Sigur Ros mold, if a little more melodic. There's a gloriously affirming rise towards this tracks end which sets it up for stadium heights, even if Silences feel more like a sunshine-festival band. Built around a simplistic acoustic guitar line, Silences again display a truly wonderful appreciation for the little things. For a young band, they found their sound remarkably quickly, a tribute to White's vision. 

Lyrically we again see White at his love-lorn best, a tale of hope, mapped by the water's edge.

 "This ship saw piers, but you know you are its lighthouse, don't you dear?" 

Most impressive of all? 'The Sea' is not a Coldplay styled money-maker. It's an indie song very true to it's writer; but it sounds big. Too big, you feel, to remain only for Northern Irish ears.

Silences are making all the right noises.

Taylor Johnson

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