single review ~ 'go' ~ pleasure beach

Name: Pleasure Beach
Genre: Dream-Pop
For Fans Of: CHVRCHES, Arcade Fire, Echosmith
Location: Belfast

Ah, Pleasure Beach. Every so often a band comes around almost fully formed; the look, the style, the sound. To paraphrase Thom Yorke, everything is quite literally in it's right place. With Belfast's newest synth-wave, come dream-pop band, we see a perfect example of that. Teeming with a positively free-state America feel, 'Pleasure Beach' have found a niche within a niche, their own brand of electronica a distinct and fresh approach from what we're used to.

Despite only releasing one single to date (and yet to make their live debut we might add), Pleasure Beach exude a beautiful confidence. Blossoming from a male//female vocal dynamic, debut release 'Go'  resonates like the alternative ending to Arcade Fire's indie classic 'Sprawl ii (Mountains Beyond Mountains)'. It sounds like the end of a Californian pier. Like halcyon days and un-brushed hair. If that makes sense.

As a debut, things couldn't really have gone much better here. Provided Pleasure Beach can follow this up with more original ideas, they could grow to be very, very good indeed.

Taylor Johnson

Check out Pleasure Beach's debut single below⁞►

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