track of the week ~ 'the modern mercury' ~ the sea, close by

Name: The Sea, Close By
Genre: Alt-Rock
For Fans Of: Ben Kweller, The Boxer Rebellion, Charlie Simpson
Location: Ballymena

The first track from Ballymena's finest alt-rock three -piece's debut album, 'The Modern Mercury' is a harmonious-acoustic song of real beauty.

Lyrically we see Greyson at his introspective best. Indeed, from the opening line there's a resonating quality long term fans will immediately gravitate towards;"and everything returns full circle", and so it proves, as 'The Modern Mercury', (in it's echo chamber simplicity), does feel like a homage of sorts to the bands long history. Running via the Paper Man days and Greyson's first band 'Vampires & Secrets', right into the present. Ironic of course, given Greyson himself doesn't even feature vocally once throughout the track, that instead being left to Bassist Kate Cannon's haunting and delicate vocals.

'The Modern Mercury' is The Sea, Close By at their best. Sparse and alluring, it's impossible to say if the rest of the brilliantly titled 'Duke' will be of a similar nature ~ though even if not, this song will remain a testament to the days of busking competitions, bongo drums and long Summer nights spent on acoustic guitars, dreaming of everything.

'So get up and make your bed, start breathing...
there are voices in your head'

If 'Duke' can capitalise on the incredible amount of work they've put in thus far, The Sea, Close By may not have to dream for much longer.

Taylor Johnson

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