punk rock lives ~ a thank you

Modern Life Is Rubbish wrote it's name into Northern Irish folklore on Friday night, or rather, Serotonin did. Left out of the venue due to difficulties, and facing a room full of their disappointed fans,  the band displayed the sort of steely grit and determination you'd like to think Terri Hooley would approve of. 

Setting up a make shift stage on the terrace of The Granary cafe next door, the band waited patiently as Sister Ghost and Hit The B Button shook The Pavilion to it's foundations inside, both bands creating mosh-pits along the way. As the buzz inside continued to grow, I took to the stage to remind the audience that something special was happening. That history was being made and health and safety regulations ignored. Upon moments of being asked, each person inside made their way to the street and what followed will live long in the memory of all those lucky enough to have seen it.

Storming through what was essentially a 'Greatest Hits' set, Serotonin's ramshackle set-up of acoustic guitars, bongo's, a banjo and the voices of their make-shift choir  filled the night air and got the people dancing. As their loyal fans grew louder, the carnival atmosphere continued spreading down the Ormeau Road. 

As social media began to catch up with what was happening, rumors soon escalated. "'UTV live' are on the way!" cried one passer by, whilst others said the same about the police. As more and more passers by gathered, the noise just got louder. Indeed, one guy ran on 'stage' and promptly whipped his shirt off, somehow capturing the spirit of the evening even further.

Already it's been deemed 'the gig of the year'. To us, it's not about that. It's about that moment, a small act of rebellion against a modern age more concerned about living by the rule book, than freedom of expression. 

It was special and such a pleasure to be a part of. 
Thank you for keeping it real.

Taylor Johnson
Modern life Is Rubbish

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